Adriatic Luxury Villas

Graphic design, Printing

Client: Adriatc Luxury Villas - ALV


Project: Logo, Graphic Standards Book and Business Cards Design & Print



The clients want a complete rebranding that will raise their business to a higher level. Given that they are engaged in renting luxury villas, they want the logo to communicate luxury at first glance. Building of the new website is in the process, and its design needs to be in tune with the design of the new logo and all that is defined in the book of graphic standards.



The logo is derived from a stylized typography in petrol green-blue and gray, ie silver, which are at the same time modern, luxurious and associated with relaxation and rest - which was the goal. In cooperation with colleagues who created the web, together we passed new graphic standards through the website and we are very pleased with the final results. When making the business cards, we used matte plastic coating in combination with silver foil printing, which proved to be a winning combination.