Dentex 4 You

Graphic design, Printing

Client: Dentex 4 You (Hostel)


Project: Logo and Promotional Brochure Design & Print



The client is a hostel in a sister relationship with the already existing company Dentex d.o.o. The logo should link the hostel’s business and the visual identity of the sister company. After the logo is made, the design, graphic preparation and printing of the hostel brochure should also be done.



In the creation of the new logo, we subtly used the existing “tooth” illustration from the Dentex logo as a suitcase handle simulation, merging two seemingly unrelated activities: dental services and accommodation services. When it came to the design of the brochure we used the blue and gray colors from the logo in combination with the strict shapes of the triangles which gave an excellent counterbalance and stability to the vivid yellow color that prevails in the interior of the hostel itself. The result is a refined yet playful hostel brochure!