Word Nerd

Graphic design, Smart

Client: Word Nerd


Project: Web Design & Personalized Planners Design & Print



The client wanted a complete makeover of the design of her website to fully reflect her work and her brand's personality. The initial design was created at the very beginning of her journey, and she herself was responsible for its look.

She wanted a professional designer to breathe new life into her website, and provide her brand with the aesthetics to match her work.

She also wanted us to create a planner to keep her motivated and organized and to implement her brand colors alongside with the new modern design to suit her new web design.



We designed a simple and "stylish" website, which is basically black and white, and the dynamics of the page is achieved by adding details in the client's favorite colors - pink and turquoise. Her job is writing, so we used a font reminiscent of a typewriter, which is also one of the light-motifs of the site and gives a bit of a retro flair to the basic modern idea.
We highlighted the blog section with a slightly different layout, because it somehow lives its own fashion life 🙂

We completely personalized the planner according to the wishes and needs of the client - we used her favorite colors and inserted motivational sayings, quotes and illustrations. Her smile upon seeing the result told us everything! This is one of those tasks in which we immediately guessed what the client wants and needs!